on the train

Hungry! He cried with some gusto imbued with passion that embarrassed the mother who tried to quieten his cry with an equal measure of helpless reprimand. Hungry! No one looked No one said anything We are Londoners We mind our own business. A piece of cake sat silently Covered in icing oozing with sweetness in…

the chicken coop

Having confessed in my last blog that I am not a film buff, I surprise myself as I sit down to scribble my thoughts on another.  The White Tiger, a 2021 film adapted from the book by Aravind Adiga is not for the faint hearted or something you could watch twice if you have even…

a divided kingdom

A real life love story that supersedes even the greatest Shakespearan drama or modern-day Hollywood concoction of romance. Steeped in political drama across continents in the hay day of post-war colonialism….

paper lanterns

When the ‘A bomb’ fell on Hiroshima at 8.15 on 6 August 1945, Shigeaki Mori was just eight years old.

a medieval english abbess and a pandemic

Once the largest building in Bishopsgate, St Ethelburga’s now stands small compared to the Gherkin and other skyscrapers in the financial centre of London. However small in size, the longevity of its legacy and the global reach of its work cannot be matched to the value of all the hedge funds and million-dollar deals that…

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